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Introducing SEO

In this case you need something more stable to promote online casino games, and SEO (search engine optimization) often turns out a viable solution in the casino marketing strategy. SEO is responsible for organic growth of your position in the ranks of search engines, but is arguably one of the most complex and long-term strategies available. Promoting your website in search engines, you work on increasing the traffic and bringing players to the casino. The important thing is, SEO brings really relevant traffic, as it attracts only the audience you are targeting, i.e. those who are ready to start playing.

The role of affiliates

Link building is a relatively straightforward routine for any regular site, but when it comes to iGaming, things get harder. Because of adult nature of online gambling sites and at times variable attitude of the society to this kind of entertainment, the selection of resources willing to cooperate is limited to the ones closely connected with this business domain. Thus any newcomer faces a situation when the number of partner sites is limited, but on the other hand such sites are highly relevant and able to pour quality traffic to the casino.

Closing remarks

It is crucial to understand that the SEO effect is not immediate and greatly depends on the number of competitors in the targeted market, on how actively they do SEO, on the domain names you’ve chosen for your online casino, etc. Usually about 4–6 months is needed for noticeable results.

How To Promote Your Online Casino

Although many people manage to make a living from affiliate marketing, 95% of them fail to make any profit initially and give up soon after starting.

How To Promote Online Casinos

Furthermore, anyone serious about succeeding at Casino affiliate marketing should also get acquainted with some more important facts related to the business.

Starting with the right partner

Majority of the Casino affiliate networks create programs in such a way that it’s a win-win situation for everyone. However, there might be certain entities who take undue advantage of newbies. Please be aware:

  • You must get a written contract clearly stating how and when will the payments come
  • You’d need to invest a certain amount of money and plenty of time to succeed in this field
  • You’d normally never be charged anything for joining a casino affiliate network
  • It’s not necessary to have a website in order to promote a casino website

Locating trustworthy partners

Casino affiliate marketing is mostly done based on trust, however, as in any other industry, you can’t expect everyone to operate in a trustworthy way. There would always be some rogue casino establishments that would find different ways of holding back affiliate commissions, sometimes going to the extent of shutting down their operations! That’s why it’s very important to work only with reliable online casinos like ‘All Slots’ and the similar kinds.

Commissions and payments

How To Promote Online Casino Games

The commissions offered by casinos may vary from 25% to 30% of the players’ bet amounts. However, affiliates who send high-volume traffic and generate plenty of revenue for their associate casino establishments are known to make anywhere around 50% to 60%. Furthermore, you might even be offered a percentage in case your players continue playing at the casino over the long term. The majority of casino partners aggregate the commissions and then make direct deposits or send out checks during the middle part of the month (for previous month’s commissions)

How to promote

How To Promote Online Casino Game

Even though you don’t necessarily have to have a website to sign up as an affiliate, you should preferably invest into one if you are serious about casino affiliate business. Don’t worry if you’re not very tech-savvy as you can easily hire inexpensive freelancers to do the most of the work for you. After your website is ready, you must invest some money in good-quality content and do a certain amount of search engine optimization too.



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